Top 5 car designs created in 2016

This post is about the my top five favorite car designs based on performance and looks made in 2016, including all car brands worldwide. These cars are not all extremely expensive and some of them are cars regularly seen on streets.

5. 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Corvette Stingray makes number five on the list because of it’s ability to turn heads as it roars down the street in various colors made for anybody’s liking. The Stingray also has a V8 engine and about 460 horsepower. My favorite thing about this car is the Daytona Sunrise Orange color released, which in my opinion is an awesome color for a sports car.

Price – from $55,000

4. 2016 BMW i3the-new-bmw-i3-comes-with-improved-range-and-other-upgrades-103778_1

The BMW i3 is placed at number four on the list mostly because of the design, which many people do not like. The reason I love the design of this car because of its futuristic look and small build. The interior is even better with leather tanned with olive leaf and a sleek eucalyptus dashboard to give a great feel of nature. On top of the design, I am very pleased with electric car’s ability to connect with a smartphone or smartwatch to manage and keep track of the charge, temperature and built in locations. Overall, I have loved this car ever since I first saw it.

Price – from $42,000

3. Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron is number three on the listnohcir-013 exclusively because of the looks and sound.First of all, Bugatti continues to impress and increase it’s great reputation with the Chiron, which is claimed to have “made the best even better”.  The smooth futuristic design is extremely appealing to the eye as it comes in 8 different color combinations. Besides the outer design, the interior can  not go unnoticed as the leather can be blue, red, brown, white, or black. Finally, the booming sound, which you can experience on the Bugatti website is another great feature of this car.

Price – from $2,700,000

2. Aston Martin DB11

In my opinion, the Aston Martin DB11 is a great mix2017-aston-martin-db11-first-drive-review-car-and-driver-photo-668021-s-429x262of everything from minor details to amazing performanceon the road. First, I love how Aston Martin stuck with agreat trademark design that just really exclaims the nice mix of luxury and exotic aspects. The other outstanding feature I love is the prominent grille that can not go unnoticed in a great way. I have nothing else to say about this car except that the makers were right whenthey claimed it is “a thrill for all the senses”.

Price – from $214,000

1. 2016 Mercedes Benz G-Class




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